Rehydrate Your Imagination

By Rebecca Lynn 4 years ago
Rehydrate Your Imagination

Hi, everyone! I’m Rebecca Lynn Morales, the author of the new fantasy chapter book “Walter Plume and the Dehydrated Imagination.”

Thanks for taking a moment to listen and ponder the joy of imagination!

“Walter Plume” is now available for pre-sale at Amazon HERE.

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walter plume and the dehydrated imagination cover

Walter Plume and the Dehydrated Imagination

I gasped and wrenched my foot back inside the truck. Did I just see that? I lowered my foot down once again. A thick tuft of bright green grass miraculously sprouted under my shoe…

The most boring summer ever just turned into an adventure of a lifetime! 11-year-old Walter discovers a mystical place filled with wilted plants and unhappy elves who think Walter is there to save them with his new life-giving powers!

To defeat Ickabod Von Snot-hook before he sucks everyone’s joy dry with his neverending list of rules, Walter will need to use his best power yet — his  imagination!

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